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Why use a professional painter

dr_paint05 Mar 2017

So your house needs painting and you are thinking of doing the job yourself. Maybe you fancy yourself as a painter? Or perhaps you just want to try and save some cash on the job? Either way, is painting your own house the best option? Or should you just get a professional painter to do it?

My advice is the hire a professional, and here’s why.

Professionals Know The Trade

Professional painters have gone through an apprenticeship. They work in the painting industry day in and day out. They have contacts with other tradies that can be useful at times and they also have established relationships with suppliers of materials. Painters know their craft, they are generally quick and efficient, and they will get the job done properly.

Preparation Is Everything

For the final result to be satisfactory, appealing and long-lasting, the surface of the area to be painted needs to be properly prepared. A professional painter knows how to do this preparation process thoroughly so the end result is a beautiful looking finish. If you don’t really know what you are doing, then the results could be disastrous.

Professional Painters Know Paint

Professional painters know which paints and brands of paint are best for particular surfaces. This goes for undercoats and primers, as well as the top coat. While you might think you will save money buying paint yourself, you will pay retail price while a professional painter gets a trade discount. This means the painter can likely get a better quality paint for the same price as you would pay for paint of average quality. Something to consider.

Proper Application For Great Results

Painters practice their craft every single day on the job. Not only do tradesmen painters know how to apply paint in the best manner for great results, they will also be able to do the job far more quickly than an amateur ever could. How long do you want your house to be cluttered up with painting going on? If you hire a pro, it could be done and dusted within days.

It Could Save You Money

Painting yourself may sound great at first, but the job will no doubt take a lot longer and could actually cost you more money in the long run than hiring a professional would. By the time you’ve bought the paint, drop sheets, rollers, brushes and any extra tools that are required it can become quite a pricey exercise. Also, if you make a mess of things and need to redo the painting, then that will be more even time and expense.

Hire A Professional – Choose DR Paint

DR Paint has been in business in Brisbane since 2000, but head painter, Darran Russell, has more than 30 years professional painting experience. Call or email today to discuss your painting needs.