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Painting is more than just a trade

dr_paint05 Feb 2017

When people think of residential painters and commercial painters, they automatically think: Just another tradie. Yes, painting is one of the trades, but good painters are more than just someone who has completed an apprenticeship and slaps a bit of paint on the wall, gets paid and goes home for a beer or two.

Painters Are Craftsmen

Quality painters – the ones that really take pride in their work – are true craftsmen. Just about anyone can learn the fundamentals of painting, but not everyone can apply the craft like a genuine professional and achieve exceptional results. While the work of many other trades is somewhat hidden from view when the job is finished (take a house frame for example), painters apply the final touches to a project and their work is on display for all to see. There is no hiding dodgy work in the painting trade.

When Complete Customer Satisfaction is The Goal

For many painters it is just a job, a way to earn an income. And if those painters can do that job in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort, that’s what they will do. Why? Because painters of this nature don’t really care about the final result. They just want to get it out of the way, get paid and move on to the next gig.

When customer satisfaction is at the forefront of a painter’s focus, then that painter can’t help but do exceptional work, because the entire time they are working on a job they are conscious of the fact that they want to make the customer happy. This naturally leads to results of a very high calibre.

Longevity And Experience Count

If a painter has been in business for many years and their company is still going strong, there are very good reasons for that. Longevity means repeat business, referrals, recommendations from happy customers and so on. This only happens when a painter does exceptional work, is reliable, has the attitude of pleasing the customer and has many years of experience. A lot goes into painting even before a coat of paint is applied. Painters with a great work ethic are meticulous with the preparation side of painting just as much as they are with the final coat. Without careful preparation the results will be average at best and the paint job just won’t last. A painter that takes their craft seriously will never skimp on this vital process.

DR Paint Has It All

With more than 30 years experience, DR Paint on the south side of Brisbane has done it all. That stunned and ecstatic look on the face of the customer when they see the final results is what makes painting all worthwhile for this company. Call or email DR Paint today to discuss your painting needs. Trust a professional who actually cares about the work he does.