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How to choose the right colour scheme

dr_paint05 Jun 2017

So you are thinking of painting the interior of your home. Maybe it’s a brand new home, or you just want to freshen up the look of the place and get the painters in. Either way you will all have to sit down together and decide on what colour scheme will work best.

What Mood Are You After

For the most part houses are painted the same colour all throughout; each room with white ceilings, the same wall colour and the same hue for the frames and doors. On occasion some folks decide to paint some rooms different colours to the rest of the home. A child’s bedroom, for example, might be blue or pink while the rest of the house is a shade of beige. But overall, what mood do you want to pervade your home? Colours that are neutral and nondescript are always popular, but perhaps you might like a particular room to have a more warm feel too it. The mood you want to create is something to consider, as colours can have an affect on mood and vibe.

Not All Rooms Have To Be The Same

As mentioned above, not all rooms have to be the same colour. Many cinema rooms are painted all black to stop light reflections, and some family rooms or entertainment rooms are painted in bright and vibrant colours. Not every room has to be white or a dull beige.

Choose Colours That Compliment Your Furniture

If you are doing a repaint then you will want to choose a colour scheme that blends well with your existing furniture and floor coverings. Any colours that will clash with the surrounds are a no go. For example, you probably wouldn’t want orange walls with a green lounge setting. Choose colours that compliment the furniture, tiles and carpets. Consult an expert if unsure.

What About A Feature Wall?

Feature walls can look great. Perhaps someone in the family is an artist or a photographer and they plan to display their works on a feature wall. A feature wall is often quite a vibrant or strong colour, one that stands out from the rest of the colour scheme without clashing with it.

Planning On Selling – What Colours Sell The Best?

The trend is for neutral colours, but not limited to white and beige. They can be browns and greens, and even bolder colours as highlights. Once again it’s worth consulting an expert when it comes to this choice.

Does Everyone Agree On The Chosen Scheme?

Finally, everyone who has a say in the decision on colour schemes has to be in agreement before the painters come in. After all, everyone who is living there has to be happy and comfortable with their environment. If there are a number of you making the choice and you can’t agree, then you may just have to resort to a vote.

Get An Expert On The Job

When thinking of painters Brisbane and trying to decide on the right colour scheme, get an expert on the job. With more than 30 years of painting experience, DR Paint has got you covered. Call us or email us today.